Hakluyt announces record profit for 2020‑21

Hakluyt is pleased to announce our best financial year to date, following growing demand for high-level advisory support in an increasingly complex global business environment.

In our financial results for the year ending 30 June 2021, we posted an increase in profit of over 75% compared with the equivalent period in 2019-20.

Varun Chandra, Hakluyt’s managing partner, said: “These results reflect growing recognition among business leaders around the world of the value of Hakluyt’s advice, and the extent to which we can support them to make better decisions. I am grateful to every member of the team who has worked so hard to deliver these results.”

He added: “Although 2020-21 was an exceptional year in many ways, we continue to see significant momentum in our business. Our trajectory remains strong, and we are working hard to consolidate our position for long-term, sustainable growth.”

Since June 2020, we have opened new offices in the US and the Middle East, and expanded our advisory capabilities through the recruitment of a large number of new team members globally.

In recent months, we have also welcomed Paul Dimitruk to our board of directors, and Jeff Greenberg and Mark Wiseman to our international advisory board.

For more information about our performance in 2020-21, please download our annual report.