Pilotlight announces new partnership with Hakluyt

Hakluyt is delighted to have formed a new philanthropic partnership with Pilotlight, an organisation that connects charities and social enterprises in the UK with businesses to help them thrive.

Under this partnership, Hakluyt employees are being matched with a number of charities, to provide them with pro bono advice and support via the Pilotlight Programme. One of the first people at Hakluyt to participate in the programme was Hari Sahathevan, a partner in Hakluyt’s London office. Pilotlight connected Hari with the Brandon Centre, a charity that provides mental health and other services to young people in London. Hari spent a year advising the Brandon Centre on governance, prioritisation and other strategic issues.

Julia Brown, CEO of the Brandon Centre, said: “The contribution of Hari Sahathevan and others who have worked with the Brandon Centre through Pilotlight has been immense, and we are extremely grateful. Hari’s advice on strategy and governance has helped us make a lot of progress, and I have no doubt this work will support the delivery of significantly improved outcomes for young people in London who have a wide range of mental health and wellbeing needs.”

Hari commented: “Working with Julia, fellow Pilotlighters, and the team at the Brandon Centre was a fascinating and rewarding experience. I learnt a huge amount from applying the advisory skills I have developed at Hakluyt in a different context, and I’m delighted to have helped this brilliant organisation in its incredibly important work.”

Varun Chandra, Hakluyt’s managing partner, remarked: “Pilotlight’s work to connect businesses with charities and social enterprises is essential and inspirational. I’m absolutely delighted that Hari and other colleagues are supporting a wide range of good causes through our partnership with Pilotlight – using their expertise and experience to help organisations like the Brandon Centre, and of course learning and developing new skills in doing so.”

“Pilotlight is delighted to be working with Hakluyt, and to be helping the firm support a number of charities in the UK. This partnership has already delivered real value to people who need help, and many more lives will be improved as it continues.”

Ed Mayo, chief executive at Pilotlight